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Black Card Requirements

The Black card is considered the credit card for the elite. Individuals that have high net worth, high monthly income, and have a pattern of spending in the six figure range a month may be eligible to receive a Black card. It is extremely difficult to qualify for a black card, since you must have the above requirements along with a very high credit score.

There isn’t much advertisement by credit card companies to promote the Black card, since people can only become a member through invite only. Most members receive a packet in the mail with an invite to move forward with a Black card. Once a member, you will receive services that include 24-hour concierge service, room upgrades at hotels and membership to the company’s By Invitation Only program.

All the large three credit card companies offer a Black card type program. American Express. also known as AMEX, was the first credit card company to offer this elite credit card. In 1999, AMEX introduced the Centurion Card. also known as the Black Card. Then Visa came out with their form of the Black card in 2008 to cater to their high net worth clients. Lastly, Mastercard offers their form of a Black card through their World Elite credit card.

Each credit card company has different requirements to become a black card member. These requirements are extremely high and the chances of receiving a black card are very low. Both American Express and Visa have said that their black card is for the Elite and they want to keep it that way. Each card requires a membership fee that is requested before members can join. The AMEX black card requires members to pay a one-time initiation fee of $5,000 and a yearly fee of $2,500. The Visa Black Card requires its members to pay a $495 yearly membership fee with no initiation fee.

As you can see, the black card requirements are extremely high. We will discuss each black card that is offered and discuss the requirements necessary to become a Black card member. Once you meet these requirements and become a member, expect a high level of customer service that is only seen by Black card members. Besides the Black Card, there are other, Luxury, credit cards that also cater to the high net worth individual. Most of these luxury credit cards require a certain income level along with a minimum monthly spending limit.

There are many privileges that black card members receive, which include invitation only events throughout the world, 24-hour concierge service, hotel room upgrades, and other elite membership services. There aren’t many people that can qualify for a black card, so you can expect an extremely high level of customer service.

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