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Best time frame to book a rental car

I m traveling to Vegas May 7th and need a rental car for 8 days (Grand Canyon/parks road trip). I ve checked Costco, Alamo Insiders, Expedia, etc. and am seeing nothing less than $415.00 (including fees).

We rent a car pretty much every time we visit Vegas (2-3 times a year). Our experience has been that prices change all the time (sometimes daily). The typical trend is as follows:

Book early knowing the rate will most likely go down as the date gets closer but on occasion they will go up if it s a busy time in Vegas.

Check the rental site often for deals and discounts (and check other companies as well).

I have found the best rate is about 2-4 weeks out from the rental date unless it s a busy time and then the rates will actually go up the closer it is to the rental date.

If it is a slow time in Vegas, they may run a last minute deal for Vegas (typically a week out from rental).

Just because you reserve a vehicle doesn t mean you have to stay with that rate or that company. There is no charge to reserve and no charge to change or cancel the reservation.

Join their membership club . Most are free or have a small fee

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