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Credit Cards Compare the best credit cards Find the credit card that meets your needs and apply online. For Your Lifestyle Choose a card for the way you live Credit cards with deals and discounts that make the most of your lifestyle. Balance Transfer No more debt – instant 0% interest Move your debt to a low interest balance transfer credit card. Debit Cards A safer way to shop online Compare and apply for the best debit card for your daily transactions. Cashback Credit Cards Unlimited cash rebates every day Get the best cashback credit cards in Malaysia for instant savings. Travel Credit Cards Airmiles and overseas travel deals Choose the best travel credit cards in Malaysia and get free access to KLIA lounge.

Personal Loans Borrow at the lowest interest rates Find the lowest interest rates in Malaysia for the easiest personal loans. Home Loans Be sure you’re getting the best deal Simplify the process of getting your housing loan approved – get advice from our experts. Car Loans New or used we’ve got your covered Find the best car loan for buying a new or second-hand, foreign or local vehicle. Easy Payment Plans (EPP) Buy with easy monthly instalments You can afford it when you convert your shopping to simple monthly instalments. Fast Approval Loans Get cash within 24 hours Personal loans with instant approval and fast cash disbursement.

Fixed Deposits Invest at the best interest rates Choose the best interest rates for your fixed deposit investment. Savings Accounts Earn interest on your savings Get the best out of your deposits. Current Accounts Use cheques for easy payments Great money management tool, with freedom to withdraw anytime. Islamic Fixed Deposits Find the best Islamic term deposits Find the best Islamic General Investment Accounts in Malaysia.

Term Life Insurance Protection when the unexpected happens Get the best term insurance for you and your loved ones Medical Cards Worry less on your next hospital visit Get financial support for hospitalisation and surgery bills Critical Illness Financial support for medical treatment Get covered from early diagnosis to full recovery from serious illness Car Insurance Easy and stress free motor claims Keep your car protected on and off the road Personal Accident Insurance Stay protected from harm’s way Protect yourself and family with the best PA Takaful and Insurance policies Travel Insurance Get covered wherever you go Find the best travel insurance for your holiday or business trip overseas

Fibre and ADSL Stay connected anywhere at home Choose the best internet package for your needs and budget. Mobile Broadband Simply internet on the go Shop mobile broadband plans for your computer, phone, or tablet. Smartphone Plans Grab your mobile and line with one simple plan Compare all smartphone postpaid and prepaid plans, we’ve got all iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones IPTV Stream quality TV on any device Bundle your internet plan with TV entertainment for the family.

All Promotions Best deals and offers in Malaysia Discover the best credit card discounts, deals, and promotions in Malaysia. Dining Discounts Restaurant deals and discounts Enjoy exclusive restaurant discounts and privileges in Malaysia. Gadgets Discounts Deals on gadget and media Get the latest deals on the coolest gadgets in the market. Fashion Discounts Offers on clothing and acessories Find attractive discounts on clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. House Home Discount Great deals on household items Great discounts on household decorations, furniture and appliances. My List Save your favourite promotions Bookmark all your favourite promotions instantly for you to access anytime.

All Articles Important money tips and tricks Saving cash; providing tips, tricks, news, and reviews for your money. Banking Guides Learn personal finance Learn about banking basics or go in depth on specific finance topics. How To Guides Tutorials to help you save money Learn how to manage your money with our collection of online tutorials. Insurance Guides Everything you need to know about Insurance Let the Experts teach you about Insurance

Best Savings Accounts in Malaysia

Earn interest on your savings account no matter how much you have deposited, withdraw your cash whenever you want, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your money is working for you all day, every day. Get all the benefits of the best savings accounts in Malaysia, right here.

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Top Maybank Credit Cards Get the best credit card sign-up offers from Malaysia’s most popular bank when you apply with RinggitPlus. Top OCBC Credit Cards OCBC provides great credit cards for cashback and unlimited privileges. RinggitPlus’ exclusive OCBC credit card sign up offer is the best around. Top 5 Holiday Travel Cards Our comparison of the top credit cards for holidays and heavy travellers, frequent flyers, Air Asia VIPs, get free air miles faster. Top 5 Islamic Banking Cards Read about all available islamic card-i banking cards that are Shariah compliant and free of Riba and Gharar. Top 5 Petrol Credit Cards Browse the top petrol credit cards for drivers and commercial travellers, fill your tank for less at Petronas, Shell, BHP, and other petrol stations Top 5 Premium Credit Cards Leading premium credit cards for the VIP, instant access to airport lounge privileges, golf benefits, luxury resorts and major hotels. Top 5 Shopping Credit Cards Our top list of shopping credit cards gets you more discounts and rebates on your everyday purchases at leading supermarkets,hypermarkets, and malls. Shop more for less at AEON, Tesco, Giant, Parkson, and more.

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Banking Basics All your banking questions about credit cards, debit cards, personal loans, home loans, car loans, savings, and investment are answered in our comprehensive articles. How To Guides Get the most out of Malaysia’s banks and finance companies when you save, invest, insure, buy and borrow. Credit Card Reviews Reviews for the top credit cards in Malaysia. Understand the pros and cons for each card and discover the features and benefits that could save you thousands of ringgit every year. Banking Terms Definitions Get explanations on banking terms and jargon straight from the mouth of the leading financial comparison website in Malaysia. We’ve made our glossary to help you understand the fine print like a banker. Insurance Terms Definitions Have you come across a term used in your insurance policy that you’ve misunderstood or don’t understand? To help you make sense of the jargon that’s often used to describe insurance, here is our handy guide to the most commonly used key words and phrases.

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