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Oct 4 2017

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Your access to independent, third party municipal bond pricing is critical to your investment accounting consideration, particularly given regulatory trends and growing adoption of general evaluations best practices. With Best Credit Data s Municipal Bond Pricing Service, you can benefit from an independent, high-quality pricing, detailed analysis and evaluations.

Backed by more than 8 years of historical daily pricing data, Best Credit Data is pioneering a new wave of municipal bond pricing products, setting the standard for coverage, quality and reliable delivery. By employing the most powerful computing power and big-data models, BCD is running regressions and analytics today that were simply not achievable five years ago, and consequently calculating the best possible bond price.

The company’s independent evaluations represent its good faith opinion as to what a buyer in the marketplace would pay for a security in a current sale. In addition to bid-side evaluations, BCD also offers mid/mean and ask-side evaluations. BCD is not affiliated with or owned by a securities broker, dealer or underwriter, nor is it actively involved in the business of investment management or securities trading. The company does not advise clients on whether they should buy, sell or hold securities. All of this ensures you get the best, unbiased analysis.

Best Credit Data delivers daily evaluations (prices) representing approximately 1.25 million municipal bond products in the US market, including investment grade, high yield, derivatives, single and multi-family housing, and taxable municipals (BAB, Student Loan, Public Improvement).

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