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Swipe with confidence and ease of a well-informed decision once you have found the perfect credit card on Clickncompare. We bring you a wide selection of the best credit cards available in South Africa. Find the most affordable credit card for your pocket through our independent and transparent comparison.

The first step to finding the best credit card available is to choose exactly what type of card you are looking for, choose from the lowest cost, rewards, air miles, and discounts. The second step is to select your monthly income in one of the income bracket options we give you in our drop down menu. The last thing you need to do is simply click on “Compare” to instantly find the best credit cards.

We will redirect you from this first page right to our results page. We compile the best credit card deals from FNB, Standard Bank, ABSA, Capitec Bank, and Nedbank. You can filter your results to find your ideal credit card by entering in your personal preferences into the search fields. Enter these choices into the categories including financial services provider, salary requirements, and rewards. You should also select how much you are willing to pay for monthly fees and how long you want your interest-free period to be. To compare, simply select the credit cards that appeal to you and we’ll compare them side-by-side for your convenience.

Our detailed results page will show you how much the card fees are, the transaction types included, transaction fees, interest rates, the benefits, air miles, and discounts. You can also apply directly for each card through our site. Find the best features from a variety of different credit cards that suit your lifestyle all on one site.

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