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Best Catholic Colleges in the U.S.

What is a Catholic College?

A Catholic college is an institution run by the Roman Catholic Church. In addition to providing students the typical college education, it also prepares them to experience life meaningfully. The college life in a Catholic school is about more than just an education; it is a vocation as well. Students are likely to meet their future spouses from school, and will bond with other peers of shared values and beliefs. For Catholics, education is very important, but so are the other essential elements of life, including marriage, family, and the Church. Studying at a Catholic church can help guide students to become well-rounded, successful individuals.

Benefits of Attending a Catholic College

  • Improve yourself socially, physically, and mentally in activities with other students
  • Strengthen prayer life
  • Strong sense of community
  • Live learn from other students who share similar beliefs and values
  • Study what interests you while integrating your Catholic world-view
  • Small, personal learning environment
  • Professors focus on student growth and success
  • Acquire a fuller understanding of God, creation, science, philosophy, and history
  • Strong core curriculum

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