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Apr 10 2017

Bear River Mutual Insurance Company – Insurance – Murray – Salt Lake City, UT – Reviews – Photos #business #grants

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Tried to file a claim since my car got hit by their client. The lady who talked to me was rude, impatient and gave me an attitude. Is that how you run a company? Even though I m not your customer, I deserve a courteous encounter, right? And her name is Karlie Brown.

Wow!  These guys are bad; a wreck is a catastrophic event and it s like you don t even have insurance.  Honestly, no one is home for DAYS.

I wish I could give Bear River Insurance NEGATIVE stars.  Just like the typical salesperson, everyone is nice and polite in order to get your money.  However, once you actually need their services to file a claim, they fail to return telephone calls, they authorize repair of vehicles with refurbished parts, and do their best to tell you that problems with your vehicle are not covered after an accident unless the collision shop that they require you to use for repairs can prove with photographs that the damage is 100% from the accident.  While this may sound plausible, some components of a vehicle and the way a vehicle handles differently after an accident and/or repair cannot be proven to be due to the accident with photographs.  Therefore, Bear River denies any coverage for those issues.  At that point the collision center will offer to fix it for you at your own cost.

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