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Background Check Of TCS; Please Help

Hi Smriti,
Though i don’t know about TCS,but I’m sure they will have such policy of background check. but once you have all the documents I don’t think that can be a threat to your employment.
You didn’t mention about the Dell Hyderabad thing, as they could not verify. did you lose the job or didn’t get the offer??
I’m sure some of our members will let you know about the procedures TCS follows.
7th June 2011 From India, Delhi

Thanks for replying Archana.
What Dell does is, they verify the informations (background check) first, and then ask you to join. So, I sent them scanned copy of all the documents I had, via e-mail..
The thing with Dell is that, they also wanted the release letter from Desconsoft. But Descon did not provide me that. But I had all the pay-slips and stamped copy of my resignation (which HSBC EDPI accepted). So, I don’t know whether they even tried to verify that or not. Last I heard from them the consultancy (Manpower), they said that ‘it could not be verified’. I’m completely at fix here.
I just don’t want to lose TCS. I have the number of my ex-manager, and also the company address phone number..
8th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

Dear Smritilekha,
TCS employs Matrix for their background verification. Please communicate with the HR, from the hiring team, sharing every details of the information that is available and the ones that are missing. Please substantiate the missing ones with the manager’s contact and reference. Note that the HR needs to agree on this. I had managed a case where an employee had a degree from a college which was closed down. The employee shared this with us and we verified with the agency and allowed the employee to join.
In your case, please do the same. Once the HR acknowledges your gap, write a mail to them marking a copy to your former manager.
Hope this works out. In the meantime. will request experts from background agency to discuss this further.
Wish you all the best !
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8th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

Here’s the expert advice for you. This remain as received from Sachin Agarwal. We thank him for his contribution.

Thanks for your email and reaching out to me regarding this case.This is a interesting scenario but fairly easy to resolve.

Smriti Lekha Chakraborty is facing a very common problem and she has almost answered her own question in the 3 points she mentioned.

1. TCS does checks before hiring employees and also after. So it depends on when they actually end up doing the verification. But I am assuming in this case this is before actual hire.

2. Even if last two companies have shut down, she needs to provide 3-4 references from past company ( both HSBC Desconsoft ) and provide contact details ( phone and email address) – should be managers if she knows them. Ask TCS HR to directly contact these references. This is called as Supervisory check. We do this check quiet often in case like such.

3. If companies in INDIA shut down then there is a proof that a company has shut down ( Ministry of Corporate Affairs) have listing of all companies. The background check agency should be able to prove that the company has shut down.

click on this link. Ministry of Corporate Affairs

This website can be used to check on basic information of any company and current status. Please see attached pdf file. I just did a quick search on TCS It Limited. You will see a tag as Status = active at the end of the page. You can also see a similar output on my company.

In addition Smriti just need to work directly with HR and explain the situation. She has all the documentation. I don’t see a reason why she should face any problem if she is able to get a good supervisory check.

Many background check companies do not go a extra mile in such cases. It is upto background check company as how they represent the facts. Since a company has been employed by TCS, they will follow all the advice by a background check agency.

I hope this helps

thanks for reaching out.

with regards
Sachin Aggarwal
8th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

Thanks (Cite Contribution) for replying to this post thanks a ton for getting it clarified with Mr. Sachin Agarwal.
You see, HSBC EDPI is not closed; it’s my last to last company, Desconsoft (the call center of Descon Limited) that is closed.
The story of Desconsoft is that, it’s mother company Descon Limited is mainly a power company and that is their main line of business. Now, 7-8years back they wanted to open a Call center. So, under Descon Limited (the mother company) they opened Desconsoft- their call center. That is where I worked for 15months (June 06-Sep 07). So, the mother company is still there, though it’s gone through some mergers. It’s their call center (Desconsoft) which has shut down. Now, since they (Descon Limited) have shut down their call center division, I don’t know if they’ll still have the data of their Call Center’s workers. Or even if they have, whether they’ll give out or not.
Anyways, I don’t have the number of 4-5supervisors, because it’s like half a decade back. I have number of my Line manager (Operations manager) though. So, I don’t know if that’s enough, in case they can’t verify through Descon Limited.
I also wanted to post Descon’s website address, but CiteHR is not letting me do that. I also wanted to put up my employment doc’s attachment for you guys to look at, but I can’t find how to do it here.
(I don’t know if I’m over-burdening myself with concern. )
9th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

Dear Smritilekha,
Please share these details with the TCS HR. Mergers do mess up employee ‘s data, so inform them along with the reference you have.
Please feel free to share all your queries. However, would request you not to upload your documents in this thread. If you wish, you are most welcome to communicate personally with any experts in this community.
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10th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

Thanks for replying again.
I actually notified the recruiter of TCS (Bishal Sharma) about this situation and he said- ‘it’s ok’. I mentioned this also to the documentation officer of TCS, Mr. Anoop Pal..
Now, I have detailed you about almost the entire situation. What do you think I should do? Because I don’t want to join a company and later be asked to leave.
And also, I can’t figure out the fact tht if my company’s closed down, how am I to be held responsible in this situation?
If you’d guide me through this, and give me a suggestion as in what should I do, I’d surely be grateful..
10th June 2011 From India, Mumbai

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