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Autoflex Leasing Review


In-depth explanations about leasing, stellar customer service, a vast array of features, and door-to-door delivery are what you can expect from Autoflex Leasing. Our TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winning product has all of the elements we expect from a superb Auto Leasing company, and it is evident that they have done all they can to ensure the consumer is well educated about the good, the bad and the ugly of leasing.

One of the best features offered by Autoflex is GAP insurance option. This protects leasers if they get into an accident and their car is damaged beyond repair. The GAP insurance will cover everything that you re insurance won t cover, in addition to paying off the rest of the lease. Autoflex also offers door-to-door delivery of vehicles. After you ve chosen the exact car you want, Autoflex will hunt it down and deliver it to you. To make the process a little less expensive, you will have the option of trading in your current car to help with some of the payments.

We were probably most pleased with the amount of depth Autoflex put into their articles about leasing. They offer information on the difference between leasing and buying, types of leases, different costs associated with leasing, and more. We found this to be extremely helpful. Although many of the other sites we reviewed had helpful articles, none were as comprehensive as Autoflex s. In addition to a variety of helpful articles, Autoflex also provides an FAQ section, email support and phone support.