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by Mohamed M. on 09/27/2015

Editorial review from Citysearch

by on 06/25/2012

Just an update to my previous message. I ended up purchasing another comp from AUTO MODULE SOURCE. Guess what. SAME FREAKING MORANS. Turns out its the same owner running the same shady business under a differnet name. If he would focus more employees on good service instead of flooding review boards probaly wouldnt be so bad. beware! I guess shame on me for getting burned a second time.

by on 06/22/2012

I wish I had read some reviews. I usually do, but I guess desperation was pushing my buttons. Long story short, they sent me two PCMs for my 2004 PT Cruiser, and they were both defective. They said it was a problem with the car and not their units, but my mechanic was able to disprove that through extensive testing. The are refusing to refund my money even though I’ve yet to receive a satisfactory product. They say their 14 day grace period has expired. Who has a grace period on a refund policy? Save yourself the headache and don’t use this company. How they have 4 out of 5 stars is beyond me. I’m thinking even their reviews must be fraudulent.

by on 06/14/2012

I should start by saying that I am a female. You know how we are often taken advantage of when it comes to anything automotive. unfortunately. My car had a number of electrical issues as a result of some flooding. My mechanic fixed most of them but for the computer (ECM) he said I had to purchase another one. Rather than blowing a ton of money for one at the dealership he suggested these guys (Auto Computer Exchange). He said he has bought from them numerous times and never had any problems. After telling me which model to get, I called them up. The process was way smoother than I imagined and within the day the new ECM was installed by my mechanic. Great experience

by on 05/22/2012

Do not buy anything from this company they will steal your money like they did to me $200 gone this place should not be in business!

by on 05/19/2012

by on 05/11/2012

Sent computer in for repair (Under Lifetime Warranty) still charged for repair. Asked for an itemized receipt for parts replaced, they said that they would do that, but when received no parts were listed. Item was shipped in a large box with hardly any packing. The unit came broken. Called Auto Computer Exchange and they would not take responsibility for the packing, told me to complain to UPS or ship it back. Not about to ship it back to them from California. Had to have a custom bracket made (out of my expense) to be able to install the unit back into the car. Absolutely no quality control even in their packing for shipping back to you. Absolutely no taking responsibility for their own mistakes. Not Honest, No Integrity – A company you do not want to deal with. You will be disappointed and they do not care one bit!