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An honest review.

I have been working at Audley Travel full-time (More than a year)


I ve been with Audley for a year and I think I ve settled in now. I m non-sales which is very different to sales. So here goes, PROS: -I think its really good that managers are happy to just walk over and talk to you whilst your at your desk – rather than just email pinging! -Really well thought through socials – family friendly ones as well to tie in with the culture -I feel as if I have all the support I need – my line manager is great, and all of my higher managers are always around -The training is always ongoing, and I ve been sent on courses to allow for further development. -Amazing offices – All information including figures etc is shared throughout the company – Company does lots of community/ charity work off location


ok, CONS: Long hours – we do 39.5 hrs a week as a minimum, and I dont think this is taken into consideration sometimes. – I feel sometimes non-sales are forgotten about with incentives that are run internally – Having to be brand aware all the time. However one thing I will say is, that I knew that would be the case when I started. – working with a hangover – all our socials are on a Thursday.

Very mis-leading particularly to those who have previous travel experience!

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