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The Executive MBA Program

The Foundation

You ll begin with a set of self-paced foundation courses. Our executives come from a variety of backgrounds, so we ve built a set of non-credit courses in accounting, economics, statistics, marketing, and finance that prepare you for our core curriculum. Once you re admitted, you ll have access to the foundation courses and a self-assessment. We teach from the perspective that students know the basics, and we encourage you to review the material 2-3 weeks before classes begin.

The Residency

Over the 21 months, we combine five short, on-campus residencies with distance learning. This design connects you with your classmates and your professors, but creates minimal intrusion into your busy schedule.

The First Week

We ll handle all the details registration, orientation, even books so nothing interferes with your learning. In this first residency, we ll acquaint you with the academic policies that frame your graduate studies. We ll have a day of team-building activities to introduce you to your classmates, and we ll focus intensively on one course and acquaint you with our distance materials. When you leave campus at the end of one short week, you ll have everything you need to complete your coursework for the semester.

[The residency] is vital. This is one of the major differences between Auburn and several programs. In-person meetings are needed to maintain and build relationships. Without the residency, you would lose camaraderie and school spirit. First-person learning is also beneficial on challenging subjects.

Jason Bush, EMBA Class of 2016

The Learning Tools

Your Qualifications

We value your maturity and experience far more than a grade on a standardized test, and we seek candidates whose breadth of business knowledge can expand the experience of their classmates. As such, we do require at least 8 years of professional experience, though our average is closer to 14 years.

We also require that our candidates have a four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.

Our Qualifications

As a land-grant institution, Auburn is focused on providing practical, applicable knowledge that creates value. That s what we do.

Executive MBA instructors are hand-picked from Auburn s senior faculty. They have real-world business skills and solid experience teaching adult learners. All are accomplished researchers who can create the intellectual challenges that will refine your skills and give you the tools to take control of your career.

Our staff provides what one graduate called concierge service. We ll register you for all of your courses, order your books and course materials, make your hotel reservations, coordinate and pay for your international trip and order your cap and gown at graduation. We re here to let you focus on learning.

Get Started

To get started, or for specifics on how to apply, visit the Auburn EMBA admissions information page .

If you re interested in our program but have further questions, reach out to our admissions coordinator. He ll answer those questions, and guide you through every step of the application process.

The Auburn EMBA begins in the fall of each year. Get out of the gray and blue sky your career.

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