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i was torn whether or not to write this review. however, recent events have forced me to.

my family has been doing business with atlas insurance for years. thus, when i got my car and  license 16, it wasn t an option of where to go to get my car insured. and i was pleased to do so. i paid less than many of my friends for car insurance for years. i never had a problem with them. i paid, they insured.

we had a good thing going on. my only problem between then and now was when i called to ask why i wasn t getting a discount for having a car alarm and if they could please add it. they told me it wasn t that big of a discount and it was kinda a waste of time to do it. lazy if you ask me. i could have saved money and they were to lazy to do it. i should have insisted, but at that age i was young and stupid and didn t stand up for myself like i should have.

fast forward to now, when in massachusetts the laws have change and i looked into getting a better rate elsewhere. i did find a better rate. a rate that was 50% less than what i was paying with atlas. naturally i wanted to switch and when i called to inform atlas of that i was yelled at and called a liar. i was shocked at how unprofessional the owner of this company treated me. he then told me he could have matched the rate but now he won t, insulted the new company i went to for insurance, etc. i held my ground and thought i had moved on with my life until the owner called me at 7:45am the next morning to make sure i really wanted to do this. is it just me, or are business hours between 9am and 5pm? i m even willing to accept 8:30am but 7:45? are you kidding me? when i didn t pick up he then proceeded to call my mother (like i said he s been doing business with my family for years). i NEVER authorized him to do so. i consider it an extreme invasion of privacy. how dare he! it was borderline harassment in my opinion and absolutely unethical!

so if you re thinking of going with atlas, all i can say is i highly suggest you make sure you re getting the best rate possible. check with other companies first. and if you do end up going with them, make sure you re getting all of the discounts you are entitled to. stand up for yourself. and watch out for the owner and all of his unethical behavior! wasn t worth it to me and i can t imagine it would be worth it to anyone else.

UPDATE: so i was charged for another month of insurance after i had cancelled. when i called commerce (atlas is an agent for commerce) they told me my policy was still active and had not been canceled by atlas. the asshole gave me all of that crap and still didn t cancel my policy. can t say i m surprised.

UPDATE ONE MORE TIME: so i called commerce today to find out if my policy was still active or did atlas finally cancel it with them. still active, no they did not. so i took a deep breath and called atlas again which of course ended up with the owner yelling at me despite the fact that i remained calm and never once raised my voice. i told him that i did not wish to discuss the matter of me leaving atlas further and if he could just file the paperwork i would greatly appreciate it. apparently i was rude, disrespectful, etc. and he hung up on me. real classy guy!

OKAY I THINK THIS IS THE LAST UPDATE: i had almost forgotten about this considering this was so long ago but when i was talking to my mother about car insurance (overall, not this lame company specifically) she let it slip that after i had written this review the owner of the company called her to tell her that she should know that i had (at the time) done over 200 reviews and does she know what i m up to? i was stunned. the owner of atlas insurance called my mother to tattle on me that i write reviews about businesses (as if that s a bad thing for an adult to do). clearly he learned nothing from this experience and has zero respect or dignity at that!

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