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Asheville Personal Injury Lawyer

North Carolina Accident Attorney

No one begins the day preparing for an accident or thinking about how that accident may affect the rest of their life. When the unexpected happens, it can be hard to understand what to do next and where to go for help. Fortunately, at Davis Law Group, we can provide the assistance and expertise that will help you start down the road to recovery.

Davis Law Group is located in Asheville, and we represent people who have been seriously injured in car and truck accidents and other serious accidents throughout western North Carolina. From the first time that we meet with a new client to discuss an accident, our goal is to begin forming a relationship that will enable us to understand each and every way that this accident and injuries have impacted the client’s life and the life of their family.

It is not uncommon for a new client meeting at Davis Law Group to last several hours. We take whatever time is necessary to fully understand your particular situation. Serious injury cases are often complex, and there are many different issues that require our expertise. We believe that it is only through that degree of understanding that we can effectively communicate your harms and losses to the insurance adjuster or attorney on the other side of your case.

If you have been seriously injured and have questions about your rights, you need someone on your side who knows how the system works, who has the experience to accurately evaluate your legal options, and who has the tenacity to achieve your goals. Davis Law Group has the answers.

Brian F. Davis will be speaking at the North Carolina Advocates for Justice’s Trucking Litigation A-Z: Finding Success for Your Client seminar on April 17, 2015. This seminar will cover trucking litigation cases from intake through trial, and it features some of the nation’s most respected and sought after speakers. Mr. Davis is a National Advisory Board Member of APITLA.

An Experienced Advocate on Your Side

While it is our goal to help you get the compensation that you need for medical care, lost wages and other expenses, not everyone shares that goal. Insurance companies try to save profits by limiting the amount of compensation that they pay out to accident victims, even if those victims are their own policyholders. Other parties who may be responsible for serious accidents may be unable or unwilling to pay out damages and may attempt to deny culpability and shift blame onto accident victims.

Attorney Brian Davis has always believed that those who recklessly and carelessly injure or kill others, and their insurers, should be held responsible for their illegal actions and the harm they cause. We will not settle cases just to get them out the door. We meticulously prepare every case we handle as if it will one day be resolved in the courtroom. We prepare our cases this way because we know that a jury verdict is sometimes the only way a client can recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We believe that our trial skills and willingness to go to court helps us resolve many of our cases without the need for litigation. While avoiding trial is often in the best interests of our clients, when an insurance company or other responsible party refuses to offer a reasonable settlement, we are ready, willing and able to pursue damages through litigation and allow a jury to decide what is fair compensation for our clients’ harms and losses.

We also provide representation in business litigation and legal malpractice.

It Costs Nothing For An Initial Consultation with Brian Davis

After an accident, it can be difficult to pay for medical bills, house payments and other normal expenses, especially if you are unable to work. The last thing you need to worry about is how you will pay to speak with a lawyer. At Davis Law Group, calling us to ask questions about your situation costs nothing. We offer free initial consultations. All of our cases are handled on a Contingency Fee Basis- this means that you never owe an attorney’s fee unless we agree to represent you and we recover money on your behalf. You may contact our Asheville office by sending us an e-mail or call us toll free at 866-397-2897. Start down the road to recovery, today.