Are the actors really singing in the JG Wentworth commercial #jg #wentworth #song


Are the actors really singing in the JG Wentworth commercial?

Yes. However, they first record the songs and then choreograph and film the episodes lip syncing. Observations from other WikiAnswers contributors: Yes, the cast of Glee really sings and is credited on the soundtrack.If you look them up on, usually people are not credited with songs if not really singing them. If you look up Glee on IMDb and under the trivia section it says, “All cast members do their own singing and dancing.”You can tell its their real voices, just listen to them talk and then sing. They record those songs in a music studio, then lip sync it while they are acting it out. because the reception of the song wouldn’t be as clear if they were sing while acting and they wouldn’t be able to make some voices louder or softer.Well, If they do sing, they need to improve on the way they lay the recordings over the filming.Amber Riley (who plays Mercedes) sings some of her songs while they are shooting. But other times, she pre-records and then she lip syncs. The rest of the cast pre-records.Amber sang RESPECT while they were shooting in the Pilot.Yes they are all singing. most of them record first then lip sync. they do this because it would be hard to get good sound quality and still act.Yes, all the actors sing in the show. Most of them record in the studio first and then sing or lip-sync during the actual taping. They do this because it would be very hard to get great sound quality and still act. Amber Riley who plays Mercedes is known to sing live while taping.

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