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Apr 17 2020

#Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income

#Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income

Apartments for low income

Stay away from Florida (Miami, Tampa: low income, apartments, homeowners insurance)

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no homo marriages are allowed.

yes, i did say fla is hot with too much traffic, but i meant “get over it, or move out.” i can complain about nc where i used to live, which is supposedly this great place. yea, the winters suck, theres absolutely NOTHING to do, and everyone is baptist and hillbilly. well, there are lots of relocates and retirees, so not everyone. we didnt like it there, so we came back to fla.

conclusion: stop complaining if you dont like it here, i am sure you can get that dream house, low car insurance, good education in good ‘ol south carolina. thanks for listening.

you took the words right out of my mouth.

i lived in fla for yrs, then nc (can you say culture shock. ) and we are now happily back in fla.

i like hearing all these posts (ranting and raving) about nc/sc/tn. cause you and i both now the good and the bad of the comparisons. and in my opinion, fla is still better — yes even with the traffic, heat and humidity. i do miss family in western nc, but even they have talked about the possibility of moving back. and they arent the only ones i know in nc that would move back to fla. but oh well. i just say it like it is. ppl may get mad that i criticize nc/sc/tn, but it’s just my opinion.

trust me i lived in western nc, so i am very familiar with what you spoke about. on this forum, many ppl seem to think that the grass is greener moving to these states (sc/nc/tn) and out of fla. i am curious what one might say after living in nc for 10 yrs or more as i did. would they too move back. who knows.

The things I love about Florida/ central florida
no state income tax
low property taxes ( thank you Disney)
close to Nasa, Disney, Universal and all the neat little touristy places
The green trees
summer thunderstorms in the afternoons
Colorado Fondue
Dixie Crossroads in Titusville
Seeing space ships go to space
meeting people who were of the same background as me, a young parent, with kids and wanted a wholesome upbringing for their children
Lots of outdoor activity
The palm trees
The stucco homes and casual layouts of homes
pretty pools

The things I don’t miss

the schools, we lived in Seminole and went through 2 private and 1 public. I could write a whole book on it, it was just bad. Much happier where we are now and the schools staff is very professional and doesn’t stress the students out about testing.

The profanity that I heard commonly on the streets, it shocked me just being in central Florida for 2 days at a Publix in the suburbs and hearing the cuss words flowing from a middle aged mother, dressed very nicely with her 2 tweener daughters. After awhile it started to not bother me because I became accustomed to it.

The anger that I saw alot, you would think that Orlando would be the happiest place on earth, but out of the attractions I saw a vast difference. Seemed like lots of people who have lead hard lives.

The nosiness, of who are you, what do you believe? It was so bad, that even when I voted for President, my neighbor who was in front of my husband and I to vote leaned over at the ballot box to see how we voted. The ‘other’ neighbor who was in charge of it, saw nothing wrong with her doing this. She was so happy how we voted but all I could think about is how unlawful she was.

The police- they were callous. I saw them pick on a elderly disabled
church lady after the hurricanes and acussing her of piling up shingles on the street when she did not do such a thing. Also my husband and daughter were ran off the road by a constable who was coming the other direction. My husband had no choice but to go onto the grassy shoulder.

I saw lots of drunks, especially at night.

I saw lots more gossip amongst women which led to falsely accusing people of things and criminal backgrounds run on people to find out legally within their rights of who is who.

Pay- Most white collar jobs are very low and the cost of living goes up more than what most companies are willing to pay. My husband got 3% raises. It was hard when everything was so expensive. Also too, this was the consensus amongst my friends.

It always seemed like people were moving in because they wanted some sort of better life, escaping a bad situation, maybe they were the bad situation.

I also felt that there was strife amongst the denominations of christianty there. I could never get over how even being in one United Methodist Church over another was just terrible due to that one had contempory praise versus traditional. I also saw lots of heritics( I don’t say that lightly) I met one by phone that ran a church who was quoting things that he said was not of God when my bible says it is of the Lord and called a certain faith demonic which isn’t. I just didn’t like that and I hated that some people held my faith against me when I never once talked about it.

What I saw that chilled me and disturbs me

I saw 3rd world poverty on the fringes of the city I lived in. My mom does missionary work to central america and after seeing what I saw in her country and what I saw state side in central florida, I saw the same thing. The children were the ones too that seemed to pay the penalty. They would come to church with holes in their clothes and one little boy had to wear his sisters too big pink flip flops. It broke my heart to many times seeing this and no on in the church not able to help. I finally went out and bought clothes. The children too, as a result of not having too much either had a hard persona to protect themselves or I just saw them not be able to lift their heads up. Many, if you just gave a bit of kindness, you got so many hugs and kisses. They weren’t getting a lot of love at home. Just so sad.

I also saw lots of people who were strung out, we had people who came to trim our trees once who had no shoes on and it took them a few days to do the job due to NOT FEELING GOOD. They looked like people from deliverance. I was so scared and was furious my husband would allow them on the property.

You had to be super careful who you did business with lots of crooks. My grandmother in Pompano Beach, very elderly, disabled , little money who lives in a tiny house that needs work, well she has had several men asking her for work. One promising to do something and she would give him 20 dollars and it not get done. We too had a roof contractor who was recommended to us just quite. I knew something was wrong. We though were lucky because we had not invested lots of money in him. We had to have the roof replaced after Charley, Francis and Jeanne came through 2 years ago.

Every night on the news, there was some sort of child molester on the news. It got so bad about the violence we saw on the local news, we could not watch it with our kids, we had to wait for the 11 when they were asleep.

When the Deland murders happened, we knew it was time to go. We were just waiting till the agreement with my husbands work was done. He had a 2 year agreement. We felt unsafe many times. There are just pockets of good areas around there.

My story and my feelings. I regret it was so bad. I don’t think that all of Florida can be like this, we just chose the wrong area.

Apartments for low income

Apartments for low income

Apartments for low income

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#Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income #Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income #Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income #Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income

#Apartments #for #low #income-Apartments for low income

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