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Husker Auto Group

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Company will not stop sales calls.

I purchased a vehicle about 4 years ago from Husker Auto. I have since moved out of state, but I continue to receive calls from different salespeople asking me to sell or trade my car with them. I have asked to be removed from the list a number of times, but have received additional calls even the same week. I contacted Husker Auto again on Tuesday, ******* and asked to speak to someone with some authority to remove me from the sales team call list and was directed to Mr. ********* who did not take my call. I was then directed to marketing where a woman took note of my problem and assured me she would pass the message along and have me removed. I received another sales call on Thursday of that week.

Desired Settlement

Please remove me from all contact lists, including phone calls, email and mailings. I DO NOT want any further contact with Husker Auto Group.

Business Response

Husker Auto Group is sorry for confusion. We have removed Ms. ****** from all of our systems. We had removed her from our system on the **** but her name was still in a cue we had to send to corporate to have her name removed. I have been assured by our corporate office that ****** ****** has been removed from all of our data bases.


Advertising / Sales Issues Read Complaint Details


I went in with preapproval on the CUDL system, but they change financing to a lender out of state with no approval or documentation.

I confirmed that HAG uses the CUDL (credit union & dealer auto lending network) system. I emailed a copy of my approval certificate to the dealer AND brought a copy with me. The first deceptive practice was trying to get me to sign a form showing ****% rate. I showed them my certificate from ******* at ****% and they went back and changed the form. The second deceptive practice was not explaining that they had inexplicably changed the lender from my credit union (2 minutes from my office) to ******************************* in **********. A month later I get a statement from **** telling me my first payment is due. Two minutes later I am at the credit union, they call ****, make arrangements to pay them off in full, but it costs me lien and title fees. Another month goes by, another statement from ****, telling me a have a balance of $*****, but no balance due. This lender seems very shady. My assumption is that HAG secured the loan for a lower percentage, then pockets the difference.


Case is being handled by another organization: ******** AGO

Desired Settlement

I want a written apology from HAG for their deceptive practice.

I want HAG to immediately stop this deceptive practice. I am sure there are legal requirements for them to disclose the financier at time of contract.

I want some money back for wasted lien and title fees, as well as several hours taken off from work to chase all this mess down.

IF this has impacted my excellent credit rating even slightly, I will pursue legal action.

Business Response

We have been in contact with Mr. ******* and have come to an understanding. We will be sending Mr. ******* a check for ****** per our agreement.

Consumer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

They did not address my concern about the impact to my credit rating.

Billing / Collection Issues Read Complaint Details


They are charging me $****** for a payment they supposedly made for me, but are just now billing me 4 months later.

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