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Advantages and Disadvantages Global Positioning System

GPS stands for global positioning system which was created by US department of defense for the navigation of military in any part of world under circumstances. But with the time, this system is now being used for many other purposes and GPS system has proved to be a revolutionary technology in today’s world. There are several advantages of GPS at present and in contrast to that there are some disadvantages also. Some of them are:

  • GPS is extremely easy to navigate as it tells you to the direction for each turns you take or you have to take to reach to your destination.
  • GPS works in all weather so you need not to worry of the climate as in other navigating devices.
  • The GPS costs you very low in comparison other navigation systems.
  • The most attractive feature of this system is its100% coverage on the planet.
  • It also helps you to search the nearby restaurants, hotels and gas stations and is very useful for a new place.
  • Due to its low cost, it is very easy to integrate into other technologies like cell phone.
  • The system is updated regularly by the US government and hence is very advance.
  • This is the best navigating system in water as in larger water bodies we are often misled due to lack of proper directions.

Disadvantages of Global Positioning System

  • Sometimes the GPS may fail due to certain reasons and in that case you need to carry a backup map and directions.
  • If you are using GPS on a battery operated device, there may be a battery failure and you may need a external power supply which is not always possible.
  • Sometimes the GPS signals are not accurate due to some obstacles to the signals such as buildings, trees and sometimes by extreme atmospheric conditions such as geomagnetic storms.

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