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Addiction Treatment

Whether you need treatment for the early stages of substance use or have been dependent on drugs and/or alcohol for a long time, Recovery Resources can help. We offer a variety of outpatient services including Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs for adults and adolescents. We specialize in addressing the needs of those living with both an addiction disorder and a mental illness, those with an addiction disorder and HIV/AIDS, and those with an addiction disorder who are also living with the effects of trauma in their lives. Recovery Resources offers gender-specific programming, as appropriate.

Outpatient Treatment

Group therapy for those in the earlier stages of substance abuse with the goal of establishing abstinence and preventing relapse. Participants receive education about the risk factors of addiction and identify their own personal triggers, learn coping skills, and create plans for preventing relapse upon the completion of treatment. Individual counseling and case management services are a part of outpatient treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

We offer two different programs for individuals with the co-occurring disorders of addiction and mental illness. One is designed for those living primarily with an addiction, with their mental health needs as secondary; the other for those whose primary challenge is their mental illness, with their addiction disorder as secondary. The composition of services is similar to those stated above.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

IOP consists of group therapy for those who have been living with their addiction for a longer period, and for whom daily life has been significantly disrupted. The composition of services is similar to that of Outpatient Treatment, though the frequency and duration of sessions is enhanced. The goal of Intensive Outpatient Treatment is to obtain and maintain long-term sobriety.

Women and Family Services Program

Specialized, gender-specific IOP program for women. By incorporating trauma counseling into this program, we are able to offer a unique experience for those coping with a traumatic event and addiction at the same time.

Day and evening classes are offered for our addiction treatment programs to accommodate a variety of schedules. Individual counseling, case management services and random drug screenings are essential components of these programs. For help with women and family programs, contact Robin Larson. 216-431-4131, x1320.

HALO Program

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones (HALO) is a 12-unit holistic health and substance abuse prevention curriculum for children ages 3-6 in child care settings. HALO is designed to address risk and protective factors for sunstance abuse and other health behaviors by providing children with information on healthy choices. The program aims to help children understand the complexities of “health” and “healthy choices” by putting these abstract concepts into concrete terms they can understand. The HALO Program is available to be offered in early childhood classrooms in local schools and community settings in Cuyahoga County

Services for Transitional Age Youth

Please think of Recovery Resources when considering addiction treatment for your child. We are committed to using techniques proven to be successful with teens; our specially designed program serves adolescents 12-17 years old who are either abusing or are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs, or have a mental health disorder. Parental involvement is critical to the success of adolescent treatment and recovery.

  • Have there been problems in school because of drinking or drugs?
  • Has there been denial that drug/alcohol use is a problem, even when faced with the consequences?
  • Has there been legal trouble because of alcohol or drug possession or use?

The first step to recovery is an assessment, which will identify the individual’s specific needs. Treatment consists of three intensive outpatient treatment sessions per week, after school hours, facilitated by a trained and licensed adolescent therapist. In addition to group treatment, teens receive Individual counseling, family counseling and random drug screenings.

The therapist, family and teen will work together to create a treatment plan that will determine the specific issues to be addressed in treatment and discuss the duration of treatment needed to ensure a successful outcome.

  • 32.2% of teens have their first alcoholic drink before age 13.
  • 26% of teens have consumed 5 or more consecutive alcoholic drinks at least once in the past month.
  • Among youth who identify as heavy drinkers, 65.5% are also current illicit drug users.

More information is available: Tact Flyer


A hallmark of addiction is that it allows people to escape reality and deny that there is a problem. This denial keeps the addict stuck in a downward spiral and leaves those around him/her to watch the devastation created in its path. Unfortunately, many families experience this situation and the feeling of helplessness that is so often attached. At Recovery Resources we believe that an intervention is sometimes required to help the addict break this cycle of denial.

An intervention is a planned meeting, conducted by a trained interventionist, with the addicted person and those affected by his/her behavior. Education and support are offered throughout the process, as loved ones communicate to the addict their concerns about his/her behavior. The goal is to have the addict agree to treatment and begin immediately following the intervention. Do interventions always work? No. But if an addict declines treatment today, it does not mean he/she will never stop using. Change is hard. Give it time and your loved one may decide that the time is right at a later date.

Is alcohol really an addiction for you or someone you care about? Take a simple, confidential alcohol screening questionnaire to find some answers.

Are you abusing drugs? Is someone you care about really addicted to drugs? Take this simple, confidential drug addiction questionnaire as a first step.

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