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What IAESTE offers?

IAESTE offers opportunities for science and engineering undergraduates to gain valuable work experience in an international environment. An IAESTE traineeship not only enhances your CV but also promotes life changing experiences, fully immersed in a country and culture different to your own. IAESTE work experience is real work experience, working on live projects and developing your skills, as well as being paid to do so.

In a truly globalised world, IAESTE offers companies and institutions the chance to engage with some of the world’s best science and engineering students. Our trainees are well educated, motivated and ready to make a real contribution to your workforce. Additionally, they can bring a unique international element to your place of work and develop new relationships and global opportunities

IAESTE was founded in 1948

After the Second World War in 1948, Mr James Newby had the idea of exchanging science and engineering students between countries for work experience, as a way of helping building bridges between nations. 70 years later IAESTE is still going strong and is needed as much today as it was in 1948.

IAESTE is the largest organisation of its kind in the world

Starting with just 10 member countries, IAESTE has grown to over 80 countries. Around 4000 young people gain real work experience through IAESTE each year, influencing their lives and the lives of all those they engage with. IAESTE is proven to enhance the skills, confidence and reputation of its trainees around the world.

IAESTE has a vast network

Hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers make IAESTE happen worldwide. In many countries IAESTE is run by students themselves, offering more development opportunities than just a traineeship. IAESTE trainees often go on to become providers of traineeships for the next generation of young people.

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