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Why Petsecure?

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The specialist Pet Insurer

Petsecure is one of Australia’s most experienced pet insurers specialising in arranging quality pet insurance for cats and kittens, dogs and puppies. Over the past 15 years thousands of pet owners have entrusted Petsecure to help take care of their pet insurance needs.

Generous benefit payment options with NO excess payments to worry about

Petsecure can pay up to 85% of your eligible vet bills, with no excess payments so you can relax, knowing your pet can get the veterinary care your pet may need and you don’t have to worry about the expense.

Straightforward cover – with no limit on individual claims

Petsecure aims to keep your pet insurance as straightforward as possible. So, with our pet insurance there are no limits on individual claims, and Petsecure will continue paying until you reach your annual benefit limit even for chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes or arthritis.

Optional Wellness Care

You have the option to add Wellness Care to your Accidental Injury and Illness cover. Wellness Care pays toward the cost of keeping your pet healthy. It pays up to $145 per year for treatments such as council registration fees, prescription diets, alternative therapies, vaccinations, desexing, micro-chipping, teeth cleaning, heartworm, flea, tick and worm control.

Petsecure offers “little extras”

 If you (the insured and sole carer of the pet) are hospitalised for more 5 or more consecutive days we will pay up to $20 per day for the cost of boarding your pet at a licensed pet boarding facility – up to a maximum of $1,000 per year.

If your pet happens to require treatment as a result of a paralysis tick, Accident Illness Cover includes a $500 benefit towards the veterinary treatment costs.

When you call and take out Petsecure pet insurance over the phone you will get a FREE Pet ID Tag – to help you keep   your pet safe.

Stress free claims service

When you need to claim we will ensure the claim is paid as quickly as possible.  It is important, however, to ensure the claims manager has all the documentation so that there are no unnecessary delays.

When you choose Petsecure you are supporting local rescue organisations

Petsecure is a proud sponsor of many local and community based rescue organisations around Australia.  These organisations work tirelessly saving the lives of thousands of unwanted dogs and cats throughout Australia, every year. So when you choose Petsecure, you are also helping other pets that may not have had such a great start to life but hopefully will find a life as fortunate as your pets have when they find their forever home, which would not be possible without the efforts of these wonderful rescue organisations

21 day money back guarantee

When you take out your pet insurance, you will have 21 days to look over the policy to make sure it’s what you are looking for. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can cancel the policy with a full refund, as long as a claim has not been made.

Backed by the experts

Petsecure is distributed and promoted by WaldenWood Group, ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 278954. The insurer behind Petsecure is The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 241436 (Hollard). Hollard is the leading pet insurer in Australia and currently insures many thousands of pets around the world. Hollard have appointed PetSure (Australia) Pty Limited, ABN 95 075 949 923, AFSL 420183 to collect premiums and to provide administrative services for Petsecure policies.