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CoE Desktop is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It allows users to remotely log into virtual computers pre-configured with special software. It is provided to College of Education faculty, staff, students, and students enrolled in a College of Education course that requires special software.

Gaining Access

Faculty and Staff

Students Enrolled In a College of Education Course Requiring Special Software

Other Requests For Access

  • Email subject: Request access to CoE Desktop
  • Include your EID
  • If you are requesting access to complete a course, include:
    • Class title and unique number
    • Instructor
  • If you are requesting access as a GRA, include:
    • Supervisor/PI
  • If you are requesting access to work on research data, include:
    • Your department
    • Project you are working on (i.e. dissertation, or other)
  • The specific software you would like to have access to

Logging into CoE Desktop

Install the vWorkspace Connector

First you will need to download and install a helper program called the vWorkspace Connector . This step only has to be done once. The vWorkspace Connector acts as a bridge between your computer and CoE Desktop.

Please click this link for Windows

Please click this link for Mac

Once you have logged in, you will be able to choose the desktop containing the software you wish to use.

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