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Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) January 30, 2007

A brand-new website, http://www.traveldealsdiscounts.com. makes its debut. The site is a one-stop shop for consumers looking to make travel arrangements, including discount airfare. discount car rentals. discount hotel reservations. and discount vacations. This convenient site even allows customers to receive great deals on luggage as well. One really unique feature about this website is that it displays prices from all the major low price travel sites, enabling price comparison, all on this single site. This eliminates the need for the customer to go from site to site, searching for the cheapest prices. Some of the participating travel sites are Orbitz.com, Travelocity.com, Ebags.com, Budget.com, and Priceline.com, as well as many others. Not only does this site provide the lowest prices on everything related to travel, but customers will appreciate the handy coupon center that allows them to save even more money.

Every link on website leads customer to up to date coupons and deals.

The website is proud to announce its newest participating stores, which include Marriot Network Hotels, Cheaptickets.com, Sandals and Beaches Resorts, Florida Vacation Station, among several others. These websites are all well-known and popular, making customers feel comfortable by shopping at familiar sites while they save a great deal of money at the same time.

The website was created to take the hassle out of planning a vacation. This allows more time for customers to be just as relaxed while planning their vacation as they are when they re actually on the vacation. Due to the fact that so many savings are available by shopping on this new website, lots of consumers find that they are able to afford a more elaborate vacation than they originally thought possible. Either they can stay a few days longer than originally planned or they can vacation at a totally different destination, one that was thought to be impossible to visit because it was considered too expensive.

The website hopes to attract as many customers as possible with its wide variety of travel deals and discounts. By displaying its merchandise on a trouble-free, simple-to-use website, site owners are confident that customers will come back again and again to plan all of their vacations, whether the customers travels once a year or once a month. Without the need to leave their homes, this convenient new discount travel website offers an uncomplicated way for shoppers to choose, pay for and receive their itineraries. With all of its perks, http://www.traveldealsdiscounts.com is sure to become the best new discount travel website available.

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