Suboxone or Vivitrol Office-Based Treatment Program
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Pain Medication, Opioid Dependence,
Heroin Addiction and Alcohol Abuse
Helise Bichefsky, D.O.Internal Medicine
Discreet and Confidential Private Medical Treatment for Pain Medicine Opioid Dependence, Heroin Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Opioid dependence is a serious, long-term medical condition that needs care as much as any other chronic disease. Fortunately, it can be treated. That’s why talking with an experienced doctor who is certified to treat opioid dependence is so important.

A combination of medication, counseling and mutual-help groups are among the therapies that can provide ongoing recovery support. Medication-assisted addiction therapies provided by Dr. Bichefsky include VIVITROL
and SUBOXONE . It is imperative that counseling and psychosocial support be part of a complete treatment plan. With counseling, a person may learn how to recognize events that can trigger addictive behaviors. He or she may also learn ways to cope wit events or social situations associated with past drug or alcohol use, and gain skills that may help manage triggers that can stimulate cravings. This may help minimize the risk of relapse.

Each therapy has its own risks and rewards and should be carefully evaluated prior to choosing.

SUBOXONE Film is indicated for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence. It helps reduce illicit opioid use and increase the chance patients stay in treatment by managing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings.
For more information about SUBOXONE click here.

is a prescription injectable medicine used to treat alcohol dependence and to help prevent relapse to opioid dependence, after opioid detoxification. For more information about VIVITROL click here.

Medication-assisted treatment has been shown to help patients stay in treatment and reduce illicit drug use by suppressing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings. While receiving medical treatment and observation, we will also help coordinate psychological counseling services for you. We currently work closely with a few local psychologists and counselors but can also work with your own preferred counselor.

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