49 companies hiring U, companies hiring veterans.#Companies #hiring #veterans

49 companies hiring U.S. veterans (and a new ranking of the best places to work!)

Companies hiring veterans

Many U.S. companies have been putting more emphasis on hiring U.S. veterans — with some hosting big one-day events and others releasing goals of bringing on thousands of vets within a specific time period.

In fact, the unemployment rate for military veterans dropped to a record low of just 2.7% in October, according to numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But while that s a major improvement from an unemployment rate of 4.3% in October 2016 — and a rate of nearly 10% in 2010 — the numbers don t tell the full story.

Unfortunately, such a big drop in the unemployment rate is in part due to many Americans giving up looking for work.

But with more companies focusing on hiring vets, there s an increasing number of opportunities out there — including training programs and all types of jobs in various different industries.

The top 10 best companies for U.S. veterans

Monster, an online employment company, just released its third annual ranking of companies that give back to those who have served by providing best-in-class veteran-oriented recruitment, hiring, and retention programs.

Our annual list of Best Companies for Veterans celebrates companies that are serious about hiring the brave individuals who have served our country, Jodi Hon, SVP and GM of enterprise business at Monster, said in a statement. We re gratified to see a continued commitment to veteran hiring across numerous industries. This year s list shows increased acknowledgement that veterans experiences and skills are relevant beyond traditional industries like defense and aerospace, and also desired in transportation logistics, technology, financial services and more.

Here s a look at the top 10 companies for U.S. veterans, based on data from Monster.

According to Monster, the ranking is based on a variety of information, including:

  • what percentage of the company s 2016 hires were veterans
  • what percentage of the total workforce is veterans
  • what the retention rate was for 2016 hires
  • what 2018 recruitment plans it had for veterans
  • whether it has a dedicated veteran recruitment team and whether any of that team is ex-military
  • what kind of special programs it offers for on-boarding, development, and retention
  • whether they accepted military training in place of civilian credentials
  • and if the company s leadership is updated on the value of hiring veterans, military culture, and veteran s issues.

49 companies hiring U.S. veterans

Military.com is also a great resource for veterans and their families for when it comes to civilian job searching, training, finding the right career and more.

  • Career mapping – find a job that relates to your military experience.
  • Success stories – read about other veterans thriving at the company.
  • Professional development – learn how you can start a career and not just another job.
  • Military spouses – find a career that allows flexibility.

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