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Feb 13 2020

Nikki haley deep state

Nikki haley deep state-Nikki haley deep state
Nikki haley deep state-Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador, Lawmakers Split on Meaning talpiot spying – espionage

Nikki Haley Resigns as UN Ambassador, Lawmakers Split on Meaning

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U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, attends the Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing for CIA Director Mike Pompeo, nominee for secretary of state, in Dirksen Building on April 12, 2018. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

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by John T. Bennett

Updated 11:48 a.m. | President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, multiple outlets reported Tuesday as lawmakers’ began to react along party lines, as has become Washington’s custom on just about every issue.

Trump heaped praise on Haley during a late-morning event in the Oval Office, saying she has done an “incredible” job and “gets it.” He praised her relationship-making with other world leaders, and her ability to read them.

Haley has been viewed as a steadying presence within the turbulent administration, one of several establishment Republican appointments that helped deliver Trump’s message around the globe. Lawmakers’ reaction, not surprisingly, have broken along party lines.

If Americans Knew

With all the attention on Nikki Haley’s sudden resignation from her ambassadorship, we thought it would be useful to repost our video about her.

As U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley did her best to please Israel. Some say she has her eye on moving to the White House. Her credentials? Governor of South Carolina and a college degree in accounting.

The links mentioned at the end of the video are below:

The retracted U.N. report on Israel’s practices of apartheid against Palestinians:

The response by Professors Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley to Ambassador Haley’s actions:

More information about AIPAC and Haley (VIDEO: Ambassador Nikki Haley brags about bullying the UN on behalf of Israel):

Politico reports that Haley’s name “is often raised in Republican circles as a potential future contender for the White House or other high-profile roles in government.”


Evidently the United Nations report on Israel’s apartheid state and illegal occupation of Palestine has caused the Jewish State of Israel to demand Haley’s resignation, in private, albeit. Haley was unable to successfully manipulate the narrative in a positive manner with Israel as the “beacon of the world”, and has shown the world that Israel does intend to exterminate the Palestinians.

If Americans fail to stand up for the Palestinians, the world will not stand up for Americans when the New World Order is fully implemented and the Noahide Laws take effect and Christians are decapitated.

The Israel (AIPAC) Lobby that runs Congress and the Senate have twin bills already in committees. The proposed legislation calls for the imprisonment of all Americans who criticize Israel, and a $250,000.00 fine will be imposed on them and their families.


Nikki haley deep state


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