Jan 14 2020

Bank of india share price

Bank of india share price-Bank of india share price
Bank of india share price-Find the List of the top shampoo brands in India which includes include Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Dove, Pantene and more. Also know about the shampoo making market in India.

Top (Leading) Shampoo Brands in India

Shampoo in India was derived from the Hindi word champi meaning hair massage. The introduction of shampoo in India dates back to the British reign in the country. Recent penetration levels of shampoo in India has been commendable.

The shampoo market in India is estimated to be Rs. 2,500-3,000 crore. The shampoo market is India is categorized according to the benefits they provide. Mostly consisting of three kinds of shampoos cosmetic, herbal and anti dandruff, the shampoo market in India has managed to tap users of the various segments according to their requirements and preferences.

Due to the continuous efforts of the top shampoo brands in India penetration of shampoos in urban areas is almost 100%. As far as penetration of shampoo in the rural areas is concerned it has risen by almost 18% in the current scenario.

The top shampoo brands in India include Sunsilk, Clinic Plus, Dove and Pantene. The company that leads the shampoo market in India is Hindustan Unilever Limited. The top three most sought after brands Sunsilk, Dove and Clinic Plus are produced by HUL. The company holds a 44% market share in the Indian shampoo industry. It is said that HUL earns almost 8% of its revenue from the sale of these products .The other recent brand that has taken the Indian personal care industry by storm is Pantene. Since its very inception the brand was a best seller. A product of FMCG giants Proctor and Gamble, Pantene has slowly and steadily managed to capture quite a large amount of the Indian market. Proctor and Gamble the second top shampoo brand in India holds a market share of around 25% in the Indian shampoo industry. The revenue earned from the sale of shampoos from Proctor and gamble is almost 17%.

Together these two major players constitute a major part of the Indian shampoo industry. Both these players with their numerous brands dominating the Indian shampoo market are continuously trying to outdo one another by introducing different marketing schemes. Be it in the form of price cuts, discounts or increasing the size of the shampoo sachets without any extra costs these two shampoo producing companies are at a continuous price war.


Bank of india share price


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