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Jul 13 2017

2015 Liberty Mutal Review #loans #calculator

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Liberty Mutual Review


Good online quote interface:

The majority of top auto insurance companies allow you to receive a free auto insurance quote online. This functionality allows you to shop around and find the auto insurance company that will offer you the lowest rate. However, some of the online quote interfaces are not well-designed and are difficult to navigate. The Liberty Mutual online quote process features simple forms, clean interfaces, and a guide across the top of the screen that clearly indicates where you are in the quote process.

Solid new car coverage options:

Purchasing a new car with an auto loan is a fairly common practice. However, in many cases, the value of the car will not cover the entire cost of the auto loan if a major accident were to occur shortly after the auto purchase. GAP coverage and new car replacement are two insurance options offered by Liberty Mutual that help protect you financially and are definitely worth looking into if you recently purchased a new car.

Live chat support:

Most people probably have a basic understanding of how auto insurance works, but when it comes to navigating an auto insurance policy, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. In addition to getting your questions answered by phone and email, Liberty Mutual also offers a live chat option. Similar to most other top auto insurance companies, the live chat option is only available during the quote process, but it is still a great resource that can help you have more confidence in your auto insurance purchase.

Strong online resources:

In addition to an online account that allows you to access and manage your policy, Liberty Mutual provides a variety of online tools and resources to help you understand the auto insurance industry and make better-informed purchasing decisions. Some of these features include the online auto quotes, a coverage calculator, an auto insurance state list. and even specific web pages dedicated to teen and senior drivers .

Driver discounts are limited:

Driver discounts can play an important role in your ability to find an affordable auto insurance premium. Liberty Mutual car insurance does offer a variety of driver discounts, however, when compared with some of the other top auto insurance companies, the list of Liberty Mutual auto insurance discounts comes up a bit short. For those that are particularly interested in finding the lowest auto insurance price, if you’re willing to shop around, you may be able to find a set of discounts more applicable to your specific circumstances.

No mechanical breakdown coverage:

Liberty Mutual car insurance offers roadside assistance and an opt-in towing and labor coverage option

Mobile app could be improved:

Liberty Mutual does offer an iPhone, Android, and iPad mobile app you can use to take pictures of a damaged vehicle, map your location using GPS, file and modify a claim, contact an agent, and more. Although the app seems to be fairly capable, the overall user reviews indicate that there may be room for improvement.

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