15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca – Poor Credit Borrower #one #hour #loans

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$15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca Poor Credit Borrower

Ok, this applicant was not a man of may words, and was very concerned about his personal information privacy and we DO NOT blame him on little bit.

This was just a pre-app and we could read between the fields so to speak, and we could tell the borrower was quite frustrated at the time of the form being filled out online. We understand his frustration, and many applicants who have bad credit find there is a high level of frustration when trying to get approved at all let alone get approved for an APR that doesn t choke you up and bring tears to your eyes.

We get it at CLF. We see applications for loans coming through here every day, all day, and through every night. There are applicants trying to get approved overnight and they are quite desperate to get approved for some quick solution to their financial problems. It s really a drag that some folks have to end up in such dire straits when in comes to the amount of money they owe on their credit cards. but it seems to be a problem that is growing.

Our quiet young applicant in this case was obviously annoyed, perturbed, or upset about his lack of ability to get approved online. He was very likely the problem that caused his bad credit situation, but that doesn t mean we can t have some compassion for his situation, and try to at least help him find a loan, and help him better organize and prioritize his monthly budget.

And to be fair about it, our applicant from San Bernardino is only around $16,000 dollars in debt on his plastic. That s not all that bad really if you consider that the average mean amount of the credit card debt Americans carry is close to $15,000.

So we did our normal canvas of the area in Southern California for a lender that would consider a personal loan. and we did find him the loan he needed.

$15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca Poor Credit Borrower Application

Personal Loan Amount. $15,000 $17,000 dollars.

Personal Loan Application and Processing Speed. As fast as you can. Are you the actual lender. or are you just another go-between, middle man, commission based site?

What do you need this loan for. To pay off credit cards because I am drowning in debt right now thanks to powers that be outside of my control.

What City/Town, State and County do you live in.   I m in San Bernardino County and that is all I am willing to tell you right now thanks.

Zip. Will submit later.

Employment Position. Lead advertising manager.

When are you paid. Monthly last Wed of each month.

Your credit rating to be excellent, fair, or bad. Poor.

How did you find us. Using AOL search.

Bank Name and Branch. Will submit later.

How are you paid. By direct deposit.

Gross Amount Per Paycheck. $4670 per month salary.

Do you agree to have this information published online, minus your PRIVATE information. Yes, but later please.

Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca Extra Information for Lenders to Review

Any extra information here please. I work for Tri-Tech and I have been working there for four and a half years so far. No problem with my bosses or employment security.

Note to Lender. I will be a reliable customer and I will make sure to make all my monthly or biweekly payments on time.

Have you ever given defaulted on a loan you have held with a creditor? Yes.

Final note on this loan. Borrower was excluded from the group of approval applicants with a database that was not accurate. This database entry was tracked down, changed, and enabled this borrower to re-apply with a different lender, and get approved.

As it turns out, this borrower did not thoroughly check out his credit rating with the three major credit bureaus, and that resulted in a serious amount of pain and annoyance. If he had done his home work and had his credit scores checked out, he would have picked up on the error, and straightened out his situation for the better. A borrowing lesson the hard way for sure .

In the end however, he was successfully approved for a personal loan, and he was grateful to our staff for helping him. Ta-da!

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